Ending a Wanted Pregnancy

Ending a Wanted Pregnancy?

Not all pregnancies have a fairy tale ending. If you’ve made the heartbreaking decision to end a wanted pregnancy following a serious or fatal prenatal diagnosis or because of a maternal health problem, this website exists to provide you understanding, comfort and support.

You are not alone. Statistically, between 92% and 98% of all parents facing a tragic prenatal diagnosis or serious maternal health issue will elect to end the pregnancy, yet this nightmare scenario often leaves us feeling isolated. While support for other kinds of prenatal loss is easy to find, when it comes to making a heartbreaking choice, it may seem like you are the only one. Let us assure you, you are not alone in your exquisite grief; many dedicated and courageous parents have walked this difficult path ahead of you. Through this site they reach out to you with sympathy, understanding, hope and encouragement.

Parent-To-Parent Support

We invite you to join our private discussion board. Here you will find friendship and understanding to help you along on your road to healing. The message board features private, safe, moderated forums that have served parents since 2005. Its private forums are open only to those who’ve ended a pregnancy following a catastrophic prenatal diagnosis or due to severe maternal health issues. You are not required to reveal your identity. Visit the link to learn how to join.

Share Your Story

Our Stories Index will lead you to the stories of the parents who have been there before you. Check the index to find stories involving a particular diagnosis or situation, or simply enter the appropriate term into the search bar. Please consider contributing the story of your own uniquely heartbreaking choice. Just send it to . Copy and paste your story into the body of the email, please. Your name will not be published unless you specifically request us to do so.

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About Ending A Wanted Pregnacy

For more information about who we are, what we do and why we do it, please visit our About Ending a Wanted Pregnancy page.

We sincerely thank Maribeth Doerr for creating this community in 1996. Maribeth, your vision has given countless grieving hearts a place to gather and heal. We are forever grateful to you.